Hamee Original Japanese Food Sample Cover for iPhone 7 (Chestnut Mont Blanc)

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Mont Blanc, Japanese sweet iPhone 7 case

Mont Blanc dessert with a lot of chestnut cream and a chestnut.
Things you need:
- iPhone 7
- Love of Mont Blanc dessert

1. Put the case on the iPhone 7.
2. Surprise with the outstanding design.
3. You will love it even more...

Get prepared...
* The photos are a sample image.

Here is the finished product.

Let's try it!
You will surely stand out with this case.

You can even take a picture.

How amazing!! Japanese sweet, Mont Blanc, turned into a iPhone 7 case.
3D outstanding design, made by a well experienced Japanese craft worker.

Crunchy tart and a lot of chestnut cream. Glazed chestnut on top as a finishing touch. The taste of fall, Mont Blanc, food sample iPhone 7 case is now available.

Amazingly high quality made by well experienced Japanese craft worker! The detailed design is just like real Mont Blanc case. It will make you hungry!
The gorgeous look! The case itself is only 10g but with this food sample, it is 24 times of it. This is the weight of love for the Mont Blanc.
Access to sleep button and volume buttons. Also, you can use it as a stand using the glazed chestnut.
If you post a picture of this case on SNS, you will surely get a lot of comments from people saying, "Whoa! That's cool. I like it!" And you can reply, "I am sure you have never seen a case like this."

Even the workers like it!

Powder sugar looks like snow on mountain.

Glossy glazed chestnut looks very yummy.

The case is only 10g but with the food sample it is about 24 times of it. Heavy love of Mont Blanc.

Access to sleep button and volume buttons.

You can charge it without taking it off.
It can be used as a stand!

* Because this product is handmade, each product is slightly different.
* The nature of this product, there is a sharp part, please be careful with it.
* If the case is in the picture, please take it off.

Case Approx. H: 14.2 × W: 7.5 × D: 6cm
Other specifications
Main material Vinyl Chloride, PC
Strap hole It does not include a starp hole.
Included components Case
Product Made in Japan
Package None

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 04 January, 2017.

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