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Easy to attach with a clip and easy to carry!
Enjoy different effect of pictures with 3 kinds of lens and a filter.

4 in 1 clip lens has 3 different lens (wide angle/fish eye/close up) and a polarizing filter that will help you to keep your memories in different ways than usual♪
You can enjoy taking pictures with different effects which you usually can't do with a smartphone.

Wide-angle and fish eye lens expands shooting range which is good for selfie, wide group photo or beautiful scenery.
Close-up lens can take detailed pictures. You can take powerful pictures with your smartphone!

Also, you can take amazing high quality pictures like a professional with a polarizing filter that can adjust reflection and saturation easily.

Clip type is simple to clip onto your smartphone.
Comes with a useful pouch. It won't take much space when you go traveling.
4in1 clip lens will take your usual pictures to the next level!

Compatible with various smartphones.
Easy to put on and take off with a clip.
Whenever you want to take a picture, simply clip it on.

Polarizing filter
The effect of polarizing filter removes reflections and adjusts the color and contrast.
You can take a bright picture or take a picture while reducing reflection of glass or water.

How to use a polarizing filter
Rotate the filter to adjust。

Note for when using a polarizing filter
You can get the best effect from using polarizing filter when the angle is between 90 to 180 degrees from the sun light for the outside photo shooting.
When the sun light hits from the front, it can't provide the best effect.

Shooting range is two times bigger compared to the usual picture size.
It allows you to take amazing pictures that you have never experienced.
It would be useful when you want to keep memories with a wide picture.

Interesting lens that allows you to take pictures with the angle of 180 degrees.
As it goes to the edge, the picture will look bend with the fish eye lens.
You will enjoy the different effect.

Close-up lens allows you to take detailed pictures by enlarging the image.
You can get as close as about 1.3cm.

Please get close till the focus is correct.

1. Fish-eye
2. Wide(close-up)
3. Polarizing filter
4. Pouch
5. Lens holder
6. Lens cap

How to install the lens and filter.
Attach the lens twisting clock-wise without moving the clip.
Please tighten up until you can't twist it.

When you take the close-up lens off, remove the outside lens that is attached on the wide lens.
You can take it off easily by twisting counter clock-wise.

Compatible device size
This product can hold up to 20mm of thickness and 25mm of length.
It won't work if the device size is bigger than the compatible size above.

Comes in this package.

How to reduce vignetting
Try to change the picture size.
Because the range of the picture will be changed, it might to help to avoid vignetting.
For iPhone 6
On the camera application, change the picture size to square.
For Xperia Z3
On the camera application, change the picture size form 16:9 to 4:3.

For iPhone 7 Plus user
When you use iPhone 7 Plus that uses a dual camera, use the clip lens for the lens that is close to the edge.

* Sometimes, flash function won't work depending on its model.

* The clip may not work with some cases.
* Please be careful with small pieces.
* This product and package might be changed without notice due to developing.
* Small pieces are included. Please keep this product away from small children.
* The polarizing filter does not work with the lens.
* The effect of the polarizing filter may be different depending on the environment.
* The product of nature, the fish-eye lens will cause vignetting.

Clip Approx. H: 5.5 × W: 2.6 × D: 3cm
Fish-eye lens Approx. H: 2.5 × W: 2.5 × D: 1.5cm
Close-up + wide lens Approx. H: 2.4 × W: 2.4 × D: 1.3cm
Polarizing filter(CPLfilter) Approx. H: 2.5 × W: 2.5 × D: 0.8cm
Package Approx. H: 16 × W: 9.7 × D: 2.6cm
Other specifications
Main material Glass, Aluminum alloy, ABS
Accessories Clip, Wide lens(close-up lens, outside lens), Fish-eye lens, Polarizing filter(CPL filter), Lens cap, Lens holder, Pouch
Compatible device size All devices up to 2cm of thickness and 2.5cm of length that is from lens center to the edge.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 18 April, 2017.

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