Contour Slim Flat Hard Case for iPhone 7 (Cherry)

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New warmth of wood
It will naturally blend in to your life.

With the original technology, the case remains light weight and strong while maintaining the warmth of wood

1. Cut out from wood.
2. Put natural wood and Kevlar together.
3. Compress them with about 400℃ and 5T.
4. Finish with detailed touch
5. Add contour logo mark on it.

Mix with natural material and technology
This contour hard case adds warmth from natural wood to every day life.

It is wood but the thinness and strength are beyond natural wood.

Slim hard case that is hard to believe made of wood, by compressing natural wood and carbon kevlar at about 400℃ and 5t.
With this special technology, it makes an amazingly light weight case that is hard to believe it is made of wood. It even has the strength of a durable plastic.

Natural wood wraps iPhone 7 even the sides. The touch feeling is smooth and comfortable.
You will feel warmth from natural wood whenever you talk on the phone or text on LINE.

Unique grain pattern and color which is only one in the world, will provide various expressions.

Thin beyond natural wood.
With special technology, the thinness is almost same as usual plastic case.

Light-weighted beyond natural wood.
Hard to believe that it is a wooden case.
The weight is only 20g.

Strength beyond natural wood.
This design overcame the common problem of thin strips of wood, brittleness.
This product has the same strength of regular plastic cases.

Matching case and Lightning cable are available.
If you use the optional case and Lightning cable, you will totally coordinate!
The boring charging time will at least change into fashionable time...

Rose wood
It has been love for a long time and it is used for musical instrument, Billiard cue and chess.
* Since it is made of a natural material, even though we use same kind of wood, the grain pattern and color are unique.

Heavy looking material and it is used high-end furniture and piano.

Cherry wood
Smooth material and it is used for building interior and furniture.

Wraps around even the sides.
Press molding case covers all sides and back without joints.
You will enjoy smooth wood feeling when you touch the smartphone every day.

Certified FSC to protect forest.
We use wood only from FSC certified forest.
FSC is a non profit organization to prevent deforestation and promote practices to preserve forests for future generations.

From iPhone 7 case, the position of logo mark has changed.
Old design / New design

* Design and specification of this product might be changed.
* Due to natural material. shape, grain patterns and colors are unique. Please understand that you can't choose a natural pattern.

Product Approx. H: 14 × W: 7 × D: 0.8cm(The thinnest part., approx. 0.15cm)
Package Approx. H: 17.5 × W: 10 × D: 2cm
Other specifications
Main material Natual wood, Carbone, Dupont kevlar
Strap hole It does not include a strap hole.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 19 April, 2017.

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