NUARL NB20 IPX4 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone (Matte silver)

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Simple yet plays powerful bass sounds
Light-weight wireless earphones. So light, it feels like air.

NUARL released these tiny and light-weight wirelss earphones that produce powerful sounds.
Stylish design will match any situation.

- Only 12g small and light-weight design yet plays with powerful bass sounds.
- Loop ear pads and chips are used to avoid getting stress for ears
- IPX4 waterproof prevent failure caused by water
- Built-in microphone supports smartphone
- Comes with a useful soft pouch
- High-end fabric cable with tangle resistant

Powerful sound with hybrid structure
New driver that enhanced playing ability of lower tones. By optimizing equalizer, we were able to create small and light-weight, 12g earphones that access powerful lower sounds.

Enjoy music anytime anywhere with these wireless earphones.
During commuting or sports, it allows you to enjoy music with Bluetooth connected earphones.

Stress-free fitting
There are 9 patterns available with loop shaped ear chip that prevents getting stress of ears ,and 3 sizes of ear pads.
Fits in various ear shapes.

IPX4 water resistant
It prevents failure caused by small amount of water such as rain or operation with wet hands.

Great feature makes your life even more confortable
Built-in high sensitivity microphone supports hands-free talking on smartphone.

Matte Silver / Metallic Grey

Comes in this package.

Product Approx. H: 15.4 × W: 17 × D: 26.4cm(Exluded one side cable and the loops)
Cable length Approx. 60cm
Package Approx. H: 16.9 × W: 9 × D: 3.5cm
Other specifications
Included components Pouch, USB cable, Ear pads:L/M/S, Ear chips:L/M/S
Driver Unit φ6mm dynamic
Frequency band 20〜20,000Hz
Continuous playing time(max) Approx. 4.5 hours
Continuous talking time(max) Approx. 5.5 hours
Continuous waiting time(max) Approx. 250 hours
Charging time(max) Approx. 2 hours
Bluetooth Version 4.1
Compatible codec SBC
Microphone Full orientation electric condenser
Temprature range 5〜50℃(no condensation)

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 20 April, 2017.

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