Pochellet Leather Smartphone Bag (Star Studs / Black)

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Wallet and smart pouch merged to become one useful bag! Roomy large size can hold a lot of stuff such as a charger, A6 sized plannner. pochette × wallet = pochellet is now available. Comes with a shoulder strap that allows you to use it as a crossbody bag.

Great organizer has a center compartment, zip coin pocket, and IC card pockets. You can put all your must have items in one bag to go out♪ Useful in many situations such as shopping, going for a walk with a small kid or dog, outside festivals or theme parks. It is so useful to put essential stuff for those who has a small kid.
Can be used as a handbag by taking off the included shoulder strap.

Large storage space
Wallet x smart pouch
1. 1 organize pocket
3. 2 pockets
3. 1 zip coin pocket

4. 1 backside pocket

Easy to organize small stuff like coins
There is a small hole inside of the pocket, so that even if you put stuff in the organizing pocket all at once, coins will be in the backpocket.

1. When you put some stuff in the organizing pocket, only small stuff goes into the hole.
2. The small stuff will move to the back pocket.

Can hold charger, cosmetic items, and planner!
Up to B6 sized planner!
You can put all your essential stuff in one bag.

Holds coins and bills.
Put valuable stuff into the zip pocket.
You can put bills into slip pockets without folding that are located both side of the zip pocket.

Back pocket is perfect for smartphone or IC card.
Easy to take out and put in.

Useful hands-free bag

Stylish design

Can hold a lot!
1. IC card
2. Mints
3. Key
4. Mirror
5. Cosmetic items
6. Earphones
7. Charging cable
8. Charger
9. Smartphone
10. Money
11. Pen
12. B6 Planner
* Due to the specification of this product, length of shoulder strap might be different.
* You can't adjust length ot shoulder strap.

Outside Approx. H: 15 × W: 26.5 × D: 7cm
Main pocket inside Approx. H: 12.8 × W: 21.5 × D: 2.5cm
Coin pocket inside Approx. H: 7 × W: 14cm
Backpocket inside Approx. H: 8.5 × W: 17cm
Shoulder strap length(including the strap) Approx. 126cm(can't adjust the length)
Other specifications
Included components Pouch, Shoulder strap
Package None

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 16 May, 2017.

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