VR SHINECON VR Box with Headset (Black)

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The Virtual Reality Box SHINECON headset is now available. Enjoy the virtual world easily anywhere. Headphones are also available in this box.
You can enjoy the realistic experience with 3D images and HD sound.
Just put your smartphone and install the VR app of VR SHINECON and get into virtual world.

VR(virtual reality)world is the new defination of the inlimited and endless fun. You do not actually exist but you can experience and feel as if all the thing are real.

This realistic feeling become more real with HD headsets while watching Rollar Coaster, Artist's Live Music, Norror Movies or games.
360 Degree picture which also move with the movement of the head is a powerful source to fell the things which you see.

・You can adjust the focus, you can use this without contact lenses or glasses.
・Compatible with a number of various VR applications.
・Adjustable headband length.
・Can be used for all smartphone having screen size 4.7 inch to 6 inch.

1. Download your favorite VR app OR start a VR compatible movie or video online.
2.Open the lid and connect earphone plug.
3. Start the smartphone connection in fixing clip so that the screen is in the center and close the lid. If image is upside down, adjust the screen direction. Make sure power button is not pressing while installing.
4.Attach to the head, adjust focus by the adjustment knob. Pull the knob in outside direction, adjust foucus and push back the knob. Adjust the headphone length according your ear position.
5.Turn the focal length adjustment knob, pupillary distance adjustment knob and just till to a viewable position.
6.Please support the VR goggles while moving front/back or left/right.
*If your smartphone does not have earphone jack (as iPhone 7 & 7+) you can use conversion cable. (Not included)
**Please check your surroundings, use a safe place so that there is noting around you by which you can get hurt.

※Please do not use this product while charging the device.
※Take break at regular intervals after using the device for 30 minutes to protect your eyesight.
※Please sit and use this device. It may be dangerous using this device while moving.
※It may be possible that you can not use the smartphone case while using this product.
※Please remove glasses while using this product.
※You can use any VR app to use with this product.
※Please do not make fast movements while using this product. Smartphone may fall .

※Don't let the children under min required age, use this device。

Table of Sizes
VR Goggles Approx. L: 12.5 × W: 18.5 × T: 12 cm
Headphones Approx. L: 15〜18 × W: 7.5 × T: 3.2 cm
Headband Approx 50〜62.5 cm
Packaging Approx L: 16.6 × W: 25.2 × T: 16.4 cm
Other Specifications
Main Material Polycarbonate, ABS
Set Includes VR Goggles, Headband, Headphones, Cleaning Cloth, Manual
Supported Screen Size Approx 4.7〜6 inch smartphone
Min Required Age 15 years and above

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 20 July, 2017.

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