Humor USB Type A & Type-C Compatible AC Adapter (White)

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Organize around your desk
Stylish charging station

Easy to use and organize your desk with this stylish charger.
"humor", AC USB charger is a multi charger that allows you to charge a variety of devices at once.
Multi-charger capability is perfect for desk work.

- 3 AC outlets
- 4 USB Type-A ports(output:5V/2.4A(Max))
- 1 USB Type-C port(output:5V/3.0A(Max))
- Stand feature
- Certified PSE standard(
electric appliance safety law
- Smart IC is installed
- Type-C port can quick cahge iPhone 8

At desk
It will help to make good progress with your work.
You can neatly organize cables on your desk.
In your livingroom
You can put smartphone or tablet PC on the stand during charging.
Support various devices
You can charge different type of devices and use AC adapter at once.

You can use 4 USB Type-A ports at the same time!
And also, it supports USB Type-C

Total USB port maximum output is 6A

Quick charge for iPhone8
Supports quick charge for iPhone 8 using USB Type-C port.
* Requires Apple official cable.
*USB Type C cable is not included with iPhone when you purchase it.

Smart IC is installed
It detects a connected device automatically and selects the appropriate current to charge.
Safe: no over current
Quick: support quick charge
Efficient: output is determined by connected device
3 outlets
Support up to 1200W


Have a stress-free work and fun
PCs, smartphones, tablet PCs, mobile batteries, bluetooth earphones and other digital devices are neccesarry items these days.
And also, recently people choose work place freely.
This product is designed to help those people to work without getting stress.
* USB PD is not supported.
* Please prepare USB Type-C cable when you use quick charge for iPhone. The cable does not come with iPhone.
* Maximum output of all 5 USB ports(USB Type-A×4、USB Type-C×1)is 6A.
* LED will light with white when you plug this product in to outlet. Even after you unplug this product, the LED light stays on for a little bit and then it goes off.

Product Approx. H: 9.07 × W: 19.87 × D: 6.48cm
Cable length Approx. 1.5m
Other specifications
Input AC100-125V 1200W 50-60Hz 0.6A(Max)
4 USB Type-A output 5V/2.4A(Max)
USB Type-C output 5V/3.0A(Max)
Total output 5V/6.0A
Main material Polycarbonate, Alminum
Temperature -10℃ - 40℃
Accessories Manual, Warrenty

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 06 December, 2017.

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