Tochigi Leather Full Protection Cover for iPhone 7/8 (Red)

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Tochigi leather, created by a skilled Japanese craft worker
High quality brand is for you

Japanese world-class high quality brand, Tochigi leather, is used to fully cover cases for the iPhone X/8/7.

Tanned leather requires a lot of traditional processes by craft worker.
Slowly tanned leather is supple and durable. Also, the leather changes its color and texture as it is used.
Enjoy the Tochigi leather that conforms to your specific use.

Tochigi leather is created using a traditional process. Slowly tanned leather will change its taste over time. Because we don't add an extra surface finish, it has color scratches, blood streaks, and sometimes the color is a little uneven but that also makes each case unique.

Feel the luxury

Timeless calm color

1 & 8. Camel
2 & 9. Orange
3 & 10. Choco
4 & 11. Khaki
5 & 12. Black
6 & 13. Red
7 & 14. Navy
* These are color sample pictures.
* Because it is used natural material, the color and texture might be different.

Camera hole for the iPhone X
Camera hole for the iPhone 8/7

Lightning port for the iPhone X
Lightning port for the iPhone 8/7

Case inside for the iPhone X
Case inside for the iPhone 8/7

Color aging
It changes depending on treatment and usage.
New -> 3 months later

Comes in this package.
* Because this product uses natural material, it has scratches, wrinkles, lines, dents, and may fade but it is not inferior. Please enjoy the unique taste.
* Because this product uses natural material, it has unique color and texture depending on where it is cut.
* Its color will fade with sweat or rain.
* The surface might stain or swell by water.

iPhone X case Approx. H: 14.5 × W: 7.3 × D: 1cm
iPhone 8・7 case Approx. H: 14 × W: 7 × D: 1cm
Package Approx. H: 9.6 × W: 15.9 × D: 3cm
Other specifications
Main material Cowhide(Tochigi leather)
Strap hole It does not include a strap hole.
Product Made in Japan

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 19 December, 2017.

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